Healthy Home Assessment

A safe home for a healthy family

The Air Inside Your Home Is Much More Polluted Than The Air Outside


Mention of environmental toxins often leads to thoughts of smoke stacks and oil spills. To be sure, these are harmful to both wildlife and human health. But, these are hardly our only sources of exposure. You might be surprised to learn that some of the worst harm is caused by the choices we make every day.


Studies have show that indoor air is 5-7x, and up to 100x, more polluted than outdoor air. Studies of household dust regularly find a list of chemicals known to cause birth defects, autoimmunity and cancer, as well as a long list of symptoms that include:


  • Asthma and allergies
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Acne and rosacea
  • Hyperactivity
  • Brain fog
  • Arthritis and muscle weakness
  • Hormone disorders
  • And so much more


Here’s the Good News


Large-scale pollution often feels out of our control, but the low-dose exposures you experience all day every day can be greatly reduced with some simple changes to what you put in and on your body, and the everyday items you have in your home.


A Healthy Home Assessment puts the power in your hands. By finding your current exposures, the dangers they may present, and learning about safe alternatives, you will have the information you need to decide for yourself the most important areas to make change. And it’s probably not as hard as you think!


Here’s How it Works


Step 1: Assess

We will spend about 2 hours together, either virtually or in-person, walking through your home to evaluate everything from cosmetics to cookware, fragrance to furnishings

Step 2: Report

After about 1 week, you will receive a full report from me with findings and recommendations. All recommendations will be clearly ranked for ease, risk and cost.

Step 3: Act

We will meet again after 30 days to discuss any questions or concerns that came up for you during your clean-up. You will also have email access to me during that 30-day period for things like clarifications and product recommendations.

Your Investment

Healthy Home Assessment in NW Oregon and SW Washington

In-person Home Assessment outside of the above area

Virtual Healthy Home Assessment

Your Investment


$595 plus travel expense


To get started, simply schedule a call with me.

At that time, we will:

  • Go over any questions you have
  • Determine whether we will meet in-person or virtually
  • Schedule your 2-hour assessment
  • Collect initial payment