Individual coaching gives us the opportunity to dig a little deeper. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ve come to the right place.

I take a holistic approach to coaching. This means we aren’t just looking for the cause of your symptoms, but we also identify what you’re roadblocks have been to effective treatment.

Here’s what you can expect if we work together


A new perspective on what is causing your symptoms and what to do about it

An approach to health that doesn’t involve uncomfortable side effects

An unshattering belief on my part that you can get better

Downloadable guides and product recommendations

Unrushed coaching sessions

Meal plans and recipes

To be listened to

Health Concerns Addressed With Clients






Acne and Rosacea



Chronic Lyme

Meniere’s Disease

Brain Fog

Mood Swings

Chronic Pain


Muscle soreness

Chemical Sensitivities

Coaching Programs

3 Month Autoimmune Program

For those with either a diagnosed autoimmune condition or on the autoimmune spectrum.

Spectrum symptoms often include digestive upset, skin issues, fatigue, generalized pain, and/or frequent illness.

In this program, we work together to:

  1. Heal the gut
  2. Access energy
  3. Address stress
  4. Tame the toxins.

Includes: 9 sessions, unlimited support between sessions, full meal plan and recipes, various downloadable guides.

Investment – $1997

3 Session Package

For any health goals that don’t follow the above description of the autoimmune spectrum, or for those with autoimmune concerns that would like a different offering.

In this program, we will define your health goals and take manageable steps to get you where you want to be.

Includes: 3 one-hour sessions, unlimited email support between sessions, appropriate labs and supplements added as needed.

Investment – $697

Single Session

For follow-up to a session package, group program or course.

Includes: 1 one-hour session

Investment – $167

Genevieve’s strengths as a coach are her strong listening skills, wealth of knowledge and ability to help her clients find a strategy that works for their lifestyle.

Rebecca – Portland, OR


Since working with Genevieve, I have more consistent energy, mood, libido and better digestion. Most significantly, I have an increased patience and gentleness with myself as I move through the healing process. Genevieve is a kind, open-minded and attentive listener, and I recommend her to anyone on a healing journey who is struggling to balance the different aspects of this life.

Chase – Orleans, CA


Genevieve is patient, has great listening skills, and the kind ability to propose healthy alternatives to reach my goals. I continue to feel better every day and she has been a big part of my success.

Jill – Portland, OR