3 Foods to Avoid if You Have an Autoimmune Condition


I get asked a lot of questions from people with autoimmune conditions regarding what food they should and should not eat. It’s understandable that there would be some confusion with so much conflicting information out there.   For this post, we’ll focus on what NOT to eat, with what TO eat in future posts.  …

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The #1 Contributor to Chronic Illness That Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

chronic illness

If you’re living with chronic illness, I’m about to share with you information that can help transform the trajectory of your healing journey. For a lot of people, this is the last thing explored. But often, it’s the thing that moves them down the path to healing. I’m talking about environmental toxins.   Environmental toxins…

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Detoxing Can Be Dangerous – What You Need to Know

Detoxing Citrus

Detoxing has become incredibly popular in recent years. And for good reason. A properly-executed detox can be life-altering. But so can an un-properly-executed detox. And not in a good way. Let me explain. I used to be kind of a detox fanatic. I come from a family with a history of some pretty terrible conditions.…

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Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Food

heavy metals in food

Whole Foods Don’t Always Mean Healthy Foods Like many wellness experts, I often recommend that my clients just eat real food instead of focusing on one particular diet. By this I mean food that you might see at a farm and doesn’t need packaging. However, even the seemingly healthiest of foods come with risk. Especially…

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Toxic Food Ingredients to Avoid

no toxic food ingredients

Stock Your Pantry with Healthy Foods Toxic food ingredients are everywhere, and it can feel impossible to know what to avoid and what’s safe. You might be surprised to hear that your pantry is likely full of toxic food ingredients. These come not only from the additives to the foods themselves, but the packaging as…

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