Detoxing Can Be Dangerous – What You Need to Know

Detoxing Citrus

Detoxing has become incredibly popular in recent years. And for good reason. A properly-executed detox can be life-altering. But so can an un-properly-executed detox. And not in a good way. Let me explain. I used to be kind of a detox fanatic. I come from a family with a history of some pretty terrible conditions.…

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Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Food

heavy metals in food

Whole Foods Don’t Always Mean Healthy Foods Like many wellness experts, I often recommend that my clients just eat real food instead of focusing on one particular diet. By this I mean food that you might see at a farm and doesn’t need packaging. However, even the seemingly healthiest of foods come with risk. Especially…

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Toxic Food Ingredients to Avoid

no toxic food ingredients

Stock Your Pantry with Healthy Foods Toxic food ingredients are everywhere, and it can feel impossible to know what to avoid and what’s safe. You might be surprised to hear that your pantry is likely full of toxic food ingredients. These come not only from the additives to the foods themselves, but the packaging as…

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10 Ways to Get More Energy


If you’re looking for more energy, you aren’t alone. Americans are all too familiar with fatigue. Our on-the-go culture has driven us to the “super mom” syndrome, doing the work of two between working full-time and running a household. As a result, we hold in high esteem the workaholics who late at the office and…

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Self-Heal With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Healing Foods

Heal Yourself with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet   There are a lot of factors that contribute to your quality of life – stress level, amount and quality of sleep, movement throughout the day, job environment – but, what you eat is often the thing that you have the most control over.   If you’re dealing with…

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