How to Reduce Your Exposure to Environmental Pollutants

Exposure to environmental pollutants

When thinking about exposure to environmental pollutants, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. We see headlines about toxic waterways, terrible air quality, and increased leniency for polluters and think, “This is out of my hands. There’s nothing I can do.” The truth is you actually have a lot of control over your exposure to…

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How to Identify Nontoxic Cleaners

nontoxic cleaners

It can feel impossible to know what’s toxic and what’s not anymore The very idea of needing to find nontoxic cleaners seems ridiculous. Aren’t cleaners meant to clean? Toxins don’t seem very clean to me!   We are constantly inundated with toxins. The average baby is born with 287 different chemicals in their bodies. Products…

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What Are Phthalates


Phthalate-free? You might be noticing the words “phthalate-free” popping up on personal care products, and wondering what are phthalates and how the heck to pronounce it. (It’s tha-lates, by the way).   I’m glad you’re asking, because what you do with the information can make a world of difference in your health. Really.   What’s…

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Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Food

heavy metals in food

Whole Foods Don’t Always Mean Healthy Foods Like many wellness experts, I often recommend that my clients just eat real food instead of focusing on one particular diet. By this I mean food that you might see at a farm and doesn’t need packaging. However, even the seemingly healthiest of foods come with risk. Especially…

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